Contract Manufacturing, Fabrication, Welding and Machining


From Your Idea to Finished Product

We are here to help you turn your custom ideas into a product. From a few pieces to a few thousand, we have the equipment, certified welders, assemblers and even engineers to help.

We will work with you to supply you competitively priced products. We can work with you from whatever level you have. We can download your dimensions straight from your CAD or 3D drawings, to where we set all programing up from your rough hand drawing to even just an "idea" which still may have some details to be worked out.

Contract Manufacturing, welding and machining

IMG_1169  We have the equipment to meet most IMG_1149fabrication and assembly requirements. PosiTech has been building, machining, welding and assembling structures and special projects for decades, as part of our heat transfer division. Now we bring these decades of experience to meet outside customers needs.


We specialize in the welding, machining, cutting and assembly of industrial parts. With decades of experience in fabricating aluminum, steel and stainless steel parts from 6"x 6"x 3" to 120"x 60" x 60". We can offer the same quality used in our FAA certified shop while maintaining competitive prices.


IMG_1155Some of the equipment we have include:IMG_1178

14 ft brake

3 CNC machining centers, including a three-axis, dual pallet MazakH800.

Automatic saws.

5ft x 10 ft CNC plasma table.

2 paint booths, which can handle high resistance epoxy paint

hand drawing pic 1

From your ideas to finished product.

On the left is the hand drawing one customer came to us with. During our conversations with him, we found that there was an additional issue which he thought his design would address. Or engineers ran the numbers and said his issue would continue, but that there was a "fix" would could offer. We incorporated this fix into his design, and on the right is one of the finished stainless steel units which we have supplied.  The modified design is now working as expected.

We can work with CAD and 3D drawings to simple sketches, to just an idea.

contract man 4

From the simple to the complex.

Simple 52" x 64" x 35" "holding" box for used gas field filters with welded fork lift spacers and resistance coated epoxy.


Complete part. From steel plate CNC plasma cut, to welded block, to installed springs. Finished with high strength epoxy paint.


High precision all aluminum part. Includes multiple pieces machined and welded. Customer came in with what he wanted and stayed while we made the part he needed that night.

Contract Manufacturing, welding and machining
con man modules

Three rotation machining of aluminum casting. Followed by assembly operation to make a complete part.


Steel frame closure. 71" x 95" x  74". Included four fans, guards, tanks, and slider level drawer. Built from supplied CAD drawing.

transfer case package

Intricate application included parts machined to within .003", high pressure fittings at specific angles, with sensors and relief. Built from an "idea" only, not even a hand drawing.

con man bottom image -1