Custom Engineered Heat Transfer Packages.

When an equipment manufacturer requires engine cooling capabilities beyond the conventional packages supplied by the engine suppliers, PosiTech® is there to help with a custom engineered heat transfer package. Extreme ambient operating conditions or severe hydraulic cooling requirements are our specialy. We customize our packages to fit almost any equipment, size constraints or working conditions.

Or engineers will sit down with you and go over all of your requirements. Even if you are unsure of some aspects of what you need relative to a heat transfer package, we sit with each client and help figure out your needs. We will not just plug some numbers into a computer and tell you that is what you need or blindly accept what an engine manufacturer says. Most often they are right, but we have found times when published data was either incomplete or inaccurate. We will work with you and your engine supplier to figure out what you truly require.

Our custom engineered heat transfer packages are typically geared for the small to medium OEM. We specialize and supply OEMs with annual requirements of 1 to 3000 units.

custom engineered cooling packages

Our engineering staff has over 50 years of combined experience designing heat transfer packages. We will design and supply single coolers or complete drop in packages. Most packages typically incorporate a radiator, oil cooler, charge air cooler, shrouds, fans and guards. We have designed and supplied units with up to seven circuit designs. We have designed for 35 Hp to 2026 Hp applications.

We have designed single circuit units, to seven circuit designs. Based on a specific customer need we have incorporated hydraulic lifts to open the shrouds & guards to allow access to a unit. We are open to any design that meets the total needs of our customer.

We supply either individual components or we specialize in taking the work out of ordering and assembling components from multiple vendors into one complete "drop in" package that fits into the given real estate which is ready for immediate installation. We can design with existing equipment (fans, pumps, radiators, etc.) or we can design from scratch. We can incorporate your fan, or supply a fan. If your application requires sensors, surge tanks, transfer cases, or any other special need, we can design a package to meet your needs.

compressed air air cooled heat exchanger
Large Compressed Air Unit with Four Fans
cooling package for electronic vehicle with fan, sensor and shroud
Small Cooling Package for Electronic Vehicle.
bar and plate vacuum brazed cores for a radiator, charge air cooler, fuel cooler and oil cooler.
Multi Circuit Unit for Military Application
air cooled and oil cooled package
Combination Unit For Fluid Power

   From the most simple , small one circuit units to the most complex multi circuit, extreme environment packages, we have an extensive list of fin designs available to engineer a package or an individual unit to your specific conditions. We can custom make cores to what ever size and thickness you need. This helps you in that you are not paying for more core size than you need or are "hoping" the core you are using will work. Most of our competitors have 'standard" core widths and they design around what they offer, we customize our cores and design around what you need at the best price.

  Most competitors offer only a few pressure rating designs, a low end for radiators, 150 psi and 400 psi. We can rate cores for up to 600 psi. Most have core thicknesses that range from 1" to 4.5" a few go up to 6.5" and almost all have specific increments in between. For example someone may only have 3" and 4" thick cores. If your application requires a 3.25" core- you either "hope" the 3" will work, or you pay for the 4". We will supply you what you need, a 3.25" core. When our competitors stop at 5 or 6 inches thick and force you into multiple packages plumbed together, we can supply you cores up to 15" thick so you only have to buy one package.

air to oil cooler
transfer case package
bar and plate charge air cooler
copper tube air cooled

    All designs are based on tested fin performance data. All drawings are done on our CAD/CAM software and final product drawings are supplied to our customers. Our design team consists of draftsmen and engineers. Our heat transfer design engineers have over 50 years combined experience in custom designing heat transfer products used in industry, military, and aviation makes.

   Our modular packages are used on both remote and frame mount applications. Applications include: military, power units, locamotive, bus, agricultural/farming, emergency vehicles, aircraft support systems, compressors, mobil cranes and more.

industrial radiator

A partial list of components that can be specifically engineered and integrated into your modular package include:

       * Radiator (both aluminum and copper/brass)

  • Air-to-Oil Cooler
  • Air-to-Air Cooler
  • Transmission Cooler
  • Hydraulic Cooler
  • In-Tank Cooler


  • Sensors
  • Transfer Case
  • Framing
  • Core Guard
  • Fan Guard
  • Shrouds
  • Surge Tanks (both attached and remote)
  • and more...
mutli circuit custom heat exchanger package

Testing and developing of the curves used in our air cooled product has been supported by rigorous testing. Touchstone Labs, a NASA certified testing lab has been retained in the past to do testing on our cores and bundles. Avancept, a heat transfer engineering firm in Ontario helped develop heat transfer curves on 17 different cores, which we then use to extrapolate that data for our different cores/fins/designs.web site oil cooler photos 226

Over the years we have had engineering work done by Penn State and WVU. We have had destructive, explosion, and cycling test done on over a dozen different models by the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering of the State University of New York.

  We have units on everything from locamotives, to emergency vehicles to roof tops to aircraft to military vehicles. One military vehicle unit has 5 circuits and is a drop in package for a Cummins QSL 365 HP engine, which Cummins Mid South tested and approved. We have also supplied to the military through the DSCC, products ranging from radiators to oil coolers.
  We can meet your needs if you have "one of" requirements, to low run units of a few pieces per month, to mid sized OEMs requiring 200 to 5000 units per year. We have supplied to Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel and Komatsu corporate. We have supplied to Case New Holland, Cudd Energy, Stewart and Stevenson, and WABCO, to name a few.
  Air to oil coolers we have supplied ranged in size from 6" x 4" x 1.25" to horizontal packages up to 70" x 60" x 72" to multi-circuit coolers up to 60" x 240" x 7". We have developed packages for engines up to 2026 HP.
  We are also an FAA certified shop (CRS #PC8R209J)  with the ability to replace cores in about 175 different oil cooler models covering 7 different OEM lines. We have been certified for nearly two decades. We have developed and supplied new for a number of people ranging from Quest aircraft, to Jabiru Aircraft in Australia.
  Please feel free to click on our Custom Designs under Catalog, or click the button below to see some of the designs we have provided to customers in the past. e are sorry, we cant disclose who each application is for, but we can share with you some of our drawings so you can see the range of applications.
     If you have a need for 1 to 5000 units, and you require a custom engineered heat transfer package or support, our engineers will work with you. Please call 1-800-367-1374 and ask for our custom engineering department.