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PosiTech specializes in the industrial and heavy duty heat transfer market. We take on projects that have other's say cant be done, or wont do. Successfully supplying heat transfer products in some of the most extreme conditions, from oil rigs in the open sea, to the tropics to Alaska, has given us the knowledge to design and supply Industrial and Heavy Duty Radiators to meet almost any condition. We use this knowledge to supply you with the best replacements, new or specialty engineered radiators.


Replacement Radiator Cores and Complete Radiators:

We offer four different heavy duty cores, each designed to meet your specific needs. We can supply either the core only or the complete radiator.

1) Aluminum Bar and Plate Radiators.

bar and plate -2The vacuum brazed bar and plate radiator offers the highest possible heat transfer per size available. It is very durable, and all of our aluminum bar and plate radiator cores are rated for a minimum of 100 psi, with up to 400 psi rated available. The aluminum core also offers significantly reduced weight, often 30% to 40% less than standard copper brass radiators. In addition, the design can be adjusted to any number of conditions, from high fouling applications to, high relative humidity to low flow.  Sizes can range from a few inches square, to almost any length by 116" tall x 16" thick.

2) Micro Channel Extruded Tube.

The micro channel extruded tube comes in standard sizes of 1.5", IMG_53852.25" 3.15" and 4.05" thick.  The non-louvered 10 fpi external fin design makes this a great product for your heavy duty needs, especially for truck, feedlot and fouling applications. The extruded tube design offers plenty of strength and can be rated for pressure above 200 psi.


3) Copper Brass

With both .50" and .75" tubes available, and either flat for serpentine fins available, we can supply almost any design core you need. Available tube layouts include staggered, inline and canted.  With a number of header designs call with your core need.

4) Copper Brass Bolt Up Headers

With the same options in core design as the standard copper brass core, we offer bolt up header designs as well. No need paying for good bolt on tanks when all you need is to replace the core. We can offer both steel and copper fins for most designs of both standard and bolt up header copper brass radiator cores.

5) Mechanically Bonded Flat/Round Tubes.

mechanically bonded If the unit is expected to withstand either extreme pressure or vibration during its normal usage, the flat tube, round mechanically bonded header core may be just what you need.

New and Specialty Engineered Radiators.

Have an application where the standard radiator supplied by the engine manufacturer wont meet your conditions? Need professional assistance on properly sizing a radiator for your equipment? Does your equipment operate in extreme conditions? If you said 'yes' to any of these, or if you feel you need a new radiator designed specifically for your application, give us a call. We have successfully built entire systems where others said it couldn't be done. All of these systems have included a radiator. be it over the road, off road or off shore, PosiTech will work with you to design and supply you a new radiator, or entire system.


Our engineering department will run through your entire system if needed. We have sat in many meeting with engine and fan manufacturers to assist our clients in properly designing a system. We will even review the requirements from other suppliers to make sure your not caught in the middle. We will design your system right the first time, no more paying for a system to incur the time and expense of installing and testing just to find that the system wasn't enough to meet your needs. Then having to go back to your radiator supplier and trying another larger system or a second or third time.

We will supply you a new or engineered system for your most extreme conditions.


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