From our roots as a heat transfer supplier to our newest contract manufacturing division, we touch on a lot of different industries. From our heat transfer side, anything where a heat exchanger, oil cooler, transmission cooler, after cooler, charge air cooler, fuel cooler, inter cooler or brake cooler are needed, repaired or serviced, PosiTech works to service our customer's needs.

  We are on projects ranging from small oil coolers to complex 6 circuit drop in packages for the military, bus, and energy markets.

  We have supplied oil coolers, radiators etc, ranging from 300 to 5000 units to Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel and Komatsu corporate.  We have supplied to Case New Holland, Cudd Energy, Stewart and Stevenson, and  WABCO, to name a few. 
  We also supply the small run OEM, from one unit to a few units per month. We are on everything from custom coaches, to fire trucks to industrial vehicles to aircrafts.
  We started off servicing the radiator shops and engine rebuilders who wanted to send their unit in to be cleaned, remanufactured and tested. Today we are still proud to serve the needs of our customers who need one unit remanufactured or a replacement made.
   If you have a need, from 1 unit to thousands of units, from a replacement to a custom design, we have the resources and experience to serve you.
Products shipping from positech including transmission cooler, oil coolers, air cooled products, contract manufacturing, OEM custom designed and certified General aviation oil coolers

  We regularly provide heat exchangers for the following industries:

      General Aviation                                                        Kit Planes and Experimental Aviation

      Aviation OEMs                                                           Aviation FBO's

      Ag and Forestry                                                         Construction 

      Compressors                                                             Compressor Repair and Service                     

      Engine Rebuilders                                                     Engine Cooling  

      Fire and Emergency                                                  Fluid Power

      Hydraulic Services                                                    Military 

      Mining                                                                       Mine Services

     OEM Engine Manufacturers                                      OEM Engine Dealerships

     OEM Industrial Equipment                                         Off Highway

     Oil and Gas                                                               On Highway

     Power Generation                                                     Radiator Shops

     Rail and Locomotive                                                  and more...