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If you are looking for more information on how we can help you, please use the Products or Services tab in the above menu and scroll to click on the particular product or service you are looking for.

For a very quick summary of each page, please read below:



You can click on the "Service" tab above or click on this link to get a brief outline of all of our services from Engineering to Remanufacturing or New Manufacturing and more.



We are an FAA certified shop which can help with all of your Aircraft Oil cooler ad heat change needs. For more information click on the "Aircraft" tab under products or click on this link to learn about our Certified, Experimental and New design heat exchangers for the general aviation or aircraft market.


Custom Engineered Packages:

For more information on our "Custom Engineered Packages" where we will sit down and work with you to custom design a cooler or package which meets your specific needs, click on the Custom Engineered Packages tab under products or click on this link to be taken straight to the page.


Compressed Air:

If you have "Compressed Air" needs, from replacement units to component's to full stand alone units with fans, fan guards, sensors, etc, you can learn more under the "Compressed Air: tab or by following this link


Engine Mounted Shell and Tube:

Under the "Engine Mounted Shell and Tube" tab we explain the differences between remanufacturing and rebuilt. These are the type of coolers found on equipment like Caterpillar, Terex, Cummins, and more. Click on to be taken straight there.


Bottom Tanks:

If you have a transmission cooler or oil cooler which is installed in the bottom tank of a radiator an don't want to pay the hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a new core when all that is bad is the cooler, click on "Bottom Tanks" or to learn how we can help you save money.


Wholesale Cores:

If you buy vacuum brazed aluminum bar and plate cores, either as a stocking user or small OEM and want to learn how our wholesale cores program works, click on the "Wholesale Cores" tab or follow this link . This program allows you access to some of the mot competitively priced cores in the world, while maintaining top rated quality.