PosiTech® International, Inc. designs, manufactures, remanufactures, and distributes new oil coolers for aviation, OEM modular packages and industrial applications.


  PosiTech® International, headquartered in Wheeling, WV, is divided into four main operating divisions. We offer a range of services for our industrial, aviation, radiator shop, and engine and equipment customers. If your designing a new application, to rebuilding an engine to need something special made, we can help. We are here to meet your needs in any of the following areas:


      Including heat transfer or fluids.

  -New Manufacturing

     Including Heat Transfer, Frames and Mounts, and Contract Manufacturing


      Including Industrial Shell and Bundle as well as Industrial and General Aviation air cooled.


     Industrial shell and bundle

     Overhaul for General Aviation.



Products shipping from positech including transmission cooler, oil coolers, air cooled products, contract manufacturing, OEM custom designed and certified General aviation oil coolers

  Services to help you:


 When an equipment manufacturer requires engine cooling capabilities beyond the conventional packages supplied by the engine suppliers, PosiTech® is there to help. Extreme ambient operating conditions or severe hydraulic cooling requirements are our specialty. We customize our packages to fit almost any equipment, size constraints or working conditions.

  Or engineers will sit down with you and go over all of your requirements. Even if you are unsure of some aspects of what you need relative to a heat transfer package, we sit with each client and help figure out your needs. We will not just plug some numbers into a computer and tell you that is what you need or blindly accept what an engine manufacturer says. Most often they are right, but we have found times when published data was either incomplete or inaccurate. We will work with you and your engine supplier to figure out what you truly require.

   Our custom engineered packages are typically geared for the small to medium OEM. We specialize and supply OEMs with annual requirements of 1 to 3000 units.


 * New Manufacturing:

    Heat Exchangers:

  PosiTech can supply new oil coolers, transmission coolers, fuel coolers, brake coolers, industrial radiators, charge air coolers and more. We can supply air cooled products, in tank, engine mounted and remote mounted heat exchangers.

  The types of coolers can include Air to Oil and Air to Air coolers, Shell and Bundle Coolers, flat plate coolers, concentric and barrel coolers as well as tube bundle and specialty heat exchangers.

  We can also supply transfer case coolers and both remote and integrated surge tanks.

     Frames and Mounting:

  If you require either a horizontal or vertical air cooled units, we can custom manufacture all framework required. If you have a modular package, we can supply all framework including air damns, plenums, and mounting. 

   Contract Manufacturing:

  Our newest division allows us to use the CNC machining centers, plasma cutting table, weld stations, brakes and other job shop equipment we have to offer very competitive prices for contract manufacturing. If you nee Aluminum, Steel or Stainless Steel, bent, machined, formed, welded o assembled, we can help. Job shops and other manufacturing facilities have to build overhead into their prices. Since we already have all the equipment, personnel, and overhead - we are able to pass this savings onto our customs.



  PosiTech® defines a remanufactured item as one where we replace a major component with new, while still using part of the original unit. We offer this service for shell and bundle as well air cooled products in industries ranging from industrial to aviation.

  In the case of shell and bundle oil coolers we define a remanufactured unit as one in which we replace and build a new tube bundle and use the original housing. We remove each bundle from each housing to inspect and replace the bundle if necessary. This also allows us to use induction heaters to bake out any impregnated oil which is trapped in the cavities of the casting. This ensure a high quality braze joint upon reassembly.

  In the case of an air cooled after cooler, intercooler or oil cooler for applications ranging from general aviation, to over the road, to industrial air cooled, this includes replacing the core section.

  With a remanufactured unit you receive all the benefits of a new unit, while saving money because we will reuse your existing housing. 

   In tube bundle type units, most failures are in the tube bundle from tubes leaking due to baffle to tube wear, or headers being damaged from water hydraulics. If there is a failure in the system contaminants can get trapped in the bundle. Our new bundles we exceed the tube wall thickness of the original OEM. We re-engineer each unit so it has the same number of tubes, the same baffle count, the same baffle spacing and the same baffle cut. This is critical. If the baffle spacing or count is wrong, this will negatively impact either the cooling of the unit of the flow and back pressure. 

  In air cooled type coolers, air is forced thru the external fins, cooling the tubes. The hot oil is passing through the internal tubes. This happens to be where we find over 99% of the failures. Either there was an engine failure and the core is too contaminated to be cleaned. Or, a tube leaks. This can be from the inside out due to the flow of fluids over time, or external leak due to rubbing, direct hit or wear.

 You can also find leaks due to the vibration and thermal stress related to the two extreme heat from the cool air on one side and hot oil on the other.

 Our customers experience the quality, security and performance of the most technologically designed bar and plate vacuum brazed cores available. These core sections replace the original cores in their oil coolers, while reusing the tanks. Considering most coolers are 10, 20, even 40 years old and are made with out of date designs - our customers experience both the cost savings  and the performance and quality of the best design possible.


  * Rebuilt:


 A rebuilt item is one where we replace less than 20% of the original unit with new. In the case of a shell and bundle oil cooler, a rebuilt unit is one where we are able to reuse both the original bundle and casting, but may replace up to 20% of the tubes with new and still define the unit as rebuilt.

 This is much more than just a flushing and leak test. Just like our remanufactured unit, each bundle is removed from the housing. We remove each bundle from each housing to inspect and replace the bundle if necessary. This also allows us to use induction heaters to bake out any impregnated oil which is trapped in the cavities of the casting. This ensure a high quality braze joint upon reassembly.

  We use eddy current technology to measure the amount of tube wall which is remaining in your bundles. A leak test tells you if a tube leaks. Our eddy current technology tells us if a tube is too thin. A tube which is too thin may not leak now, but we can replace the individual tubes that are getting ready to leak in the near future. Being able to measure which tubes do not leak today, but are primed to leak in the near future, and being able to replace an individual tube if necessary, is one of the many aspects that separates us from a clean and flush. Your customer receives a high quality unit at a fraction of the cost of new, and you receive he peace of mind knowing you supplied your customer with the highest quality replacement  available. note: neoprene headers do not lend themselves t being rebuilt. We only offer remanufactured replacements.


   Overhaul Services for General Aviation:

PosiTech’s overhaul service includes a 17 step FAA approved process which involves the “boiling out” of any external and internal bulk deposits in a submerged tank of cleaning solvents. Followed by a pressure washing to rinse the now loosened deposits prior to initial inspection and cleaning. After the unit is inspected and deemed repairable fittings are installed and the unit is flushed in alternating directions under 98 psi and 100 gpm on three different flush machines the first machine targets oil and internal sludge, the next machine focuses on carbon deposits, the last machine removes any residue cleaning material. The unit is then inspected and any remaining paint, alodine and corrosion is striped off using a special proprietary cleaner after ether a die penetrate or maguflux inspection is employed . If the unit passes that inspection it is now pressure/leak tested, if it passes then we will recoat the unit with a protective chemical coating that will prevent oxidation and corrosion then box and returned to you complete with 8130-3 Return to Service tag.