Wholesale Bar and Plate Vacuum Brazed Cores:

Looking for a source of vacuum brazed bar and plate cores? Finding that the domestic sources are more concerned about protecting themselves then selling to you at a fair price? Then looked into importing, but are not sure which countries, or companies are honest o make a quality product?

 We can help. If you are a small OEM, radiator shop who buys cores, or otherwise have need for a reliable, competitively priced source of cores, contact us.

 PosiTech has bee buying cores for over three decades. We know and have visited almost all of the domestic sources and have inspected multiple foreign facilities. We know how to import cores and who makes a competitively priced core at a fair price.

  With our Wholesale program you can use our expertise and bring in cores when you need them.

 These are not just cheap cores which will break down and leak. These are quality cores which are made the same way our FAA certified cores are manufactured. We have a deal with a major foreign manufacturer which allows us to offer you quality cores at competitive prices. Why do we do this? Simple; first we make a small profit off of each core we sell. Second, the more cores we sell, the even better prices we can get for our own cores. So its in both of our interest to offer you quality cores at competitive price. 


bar and plate cores for sale

How the Wholesale Program Works:

Simply, decide what core you want, place your order, receive your order. That's it.

 We try to do the work for you, and help you where needed. Once you have a core that you want to order, you place you order with us. We add your order t0 our own order and that of the other Wholesale customers. Once done, we take care of the shipping, customs, paperwork etc. When your cores arrive to our dock, we inspect them and then package your cores and ship to you. We eliminate all the hassles of custom brokers, freight forwarders, tariffs, documents, etc. And by shipping larger amounts, we can pass on some of the freight savings we all share in as e are able to ship larger containers vs. small partials.

 You place our order, you receive your goods, no hassles.

   Step 1: Decide what you want to need.


    Engineering Support:

If you already have a specific core, send us a drawing and we can quote. If you need help in designing a core, we have engineering support on staff who can help. We will will work with your staff to determine what core design works best or you.

    Design Options:

  We have a wide rang of internal and external fin options, as well bar sizes to engineer you a core to meet your needs. We also can offer a wider range of pressure ratings than most, including six different fin thicknesses to choose from. web site oil cooler photos 226

   We offer a wider range of options than almost anyone.  Single core sizes we can supply are up to 86" of length,  34" of height and a thickness of 1.1" to 35" . Unlike almost all of the domestic suppliers, we can supply any core thickness you require. Most of the domestic larger foreign suppliers have strict core thicknesses they offer. Each varies a little, but say the manufacturer you have been talking with only offer cores that are 2.25" thick or 3.5" thick, and you need a core which is 3.0" thick. What happens? You have thee options;

      1) Buy the 2.5" thick core and hope that the unit will never see the upper rages of conditions for which you have specified. If it does, you may very well be dealing with an over heating problem and upset customer.

      2) Buy the 3.5" thick core. You know the unit will cool, now you just have to worry that the thicker core will not have too much air side restriction that it negatively impacts the rest of the cooling needs in your airstream. But you do know that you are going to be paying for more material and hence a higher price than you would have had o pay. So either you are less competitive or you are giving up some profits.

     3) Buy rom PosiTech, and receive a core which is designed specifically or your needs, not the convenience of your supplier.


    Step 2: Receive a Quote.

  Our cores are very competitively priced. While each core has to be individually quoted, here are a few actual comparisons of what we offer vs both the domestic and other foreign suppliers:

                        core                                                                           competitor's prices                                          our price

   - Air to Oil core, rated at 400 psi  41" x 22" x 4.5"                    $498 to $936                                                 $420*

  - Air to Oil core, rated at 400 psi  24" x 20" x 4.5"                    $315 to $507                                                   $268*

  - Air to Air core, rated at 150 psi, 25.5" x 267" x2.25"               $219 to $325                                                   $168*

  - Air to Air core, rated at 150 psi, 35" x 24" x 2.25"                   $263 to $377                                                   $207*

*terms and conditions apply


    Step 3: Approve the Drawing.

   For every new core you order, we will supply you a drawing. This is to help ensure you receive what you wanted.


    Step 4: Place Your Order.

  Call in, log in or email your order. It will be added to our next order and we take care of everything else. Expediting services are available for an additional costs.

    Step 5: Receive your Order.

    You will not have the hassles of custom's paperwork, freight, clearing agents etc.


To get started, either call, email, or log in and let us provide you with a quote. If you have any questions, please call 800-367-1374 and ask for Wholesale core quotes.


*We not only offer cores but we can offer complete units as well. We can supply individual units, packages or even help custom engineer a new design for you. See our Custom Engineering or Compressed Air section or call and a real person will answer the phone and we will help you out.